About FMM

Friends of Maine’s Mountains (FMM) is an non-profit educational organization that raises awareness of the destructive toll that industrial wind turbines inflict on Maine’s precious and finite mountain areas. An informed opposition to industrial wind lobbyists is emerging, but so far it has been grassroots in nature and under-funded. FMM is galvanizing the anti-wind community by telling “the other side of the story” in a professional, consistent and effective manner.

We start with the premise that Maine’s mountains are not a renewable resource. To counter the relentless “spin” of the industrial wind lobby, FMM provides sober and factual information to the general public, the environmental and business communities, the legislative, judicial and executive branches of Maine state government, and the state’s media outlets. Also, FMM:

  • Supports legislative and regulatory changes to protect Maine people from the harmful visual, environmental and health impacts of industrial wind turbines.

  • Supports individuals and communities in their participation in the regulatory permitting process.

  • Collects factual data that document the real impact of industrial wind power on electrical costs, real estate values, the environment and the health of humans and wildlife alike.

  • Opposes mandates, tax breaks and subsidies that drive the development of industrial wind projects on Maine’s mountains.

  • Advocates for more efficient production, use and conservation of energy.