Dear Maine: Get ready for HUGE SPIKES in your electric bill

If you like to pay steep increases in your light bill, then you’re probably a strong supporter of blowing up Maine’s mountain tops to build more industrial wind turbines. WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out what we mean.

CLICK THE IMAGE for video.

CLICK THE IMAGE for video.

Remember, folks, wind turbines only work about 25% of the time at best. Plus, if you build industrial turbines on mountain tops where there is no existing infrastructure, then you ALSO have to build the transmission lines all across the state. The only thing that makes this scheme work is taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies. That’s right, YOU pay the freight, while the developers pocket millions and ruin Maine’s scenic wilderness areas. That’s why Central Maine Power raised its rates by almost 20% recently.

You can expect more increases into the future, unless the Maine Legislature changes course. During this Legislative session they refused to modify Maine’s wind goals. So if you like paying drastically higher bills, pat your state legislator on the back. If you think wind energy should LOWER your light bill, then tell your state legislator to make some changes --- fast.

WATCH OUR VIDEO and read this article in Forbes, “Wind Industry Study: Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Largest Wind Power States.”