Dear Maine: Don’t depend on Maine reporters for Maine news

If you think the following sentence qualifies as news, well then how dare you expect to get it from some of Maine’s most prominent media outlets.

Allowing the Bowers wind farm, the (Board of Environmental Protection) determined, would adversely affect the views around nine scenic lakes considered of ‘state or national significance,’ said Cynthia S. Bertocci, executive analyst for the board.”

That’s right, in early June, Maine’s natural beauty and the Board of Environmental Protection killed a major industrial wind project proposed for Bowers Mountain by First Wind, the second major defeat here for First Wind in the last few months. You can read "Hawaii wind player gets comeuppance in Maine" in the Hawaii Free Press, or you can read “First Wind sees setbacks in Maine” in the Boston Globe.

But do you know who didn't tell Mainers about the decision, made two and a half weeks ago? The Portland Press Herald, the Maine Sunday Telegram, the Kennebec Journal, the Coastal Journal, the Central Maine Morning Sentinel, WMTW, the Associated Press, Maine Public Radio, the Lewiston Sun Journal, the Times-Record, the Journal Tribune, WMTW, WGME, WABI, WVII and WAGM.

Whether you’re a supporter or an opponent of blowing up Maine’s mountain tops for industrial wind turbines that operate just 25% of the time, please remember that if you live in Maine, there’s a very good chance you’re never getting the whole story from the media here.