Why First Wind can’t understand what “No” means

When you’re used to greasing the political system with contributions, “scholarships” and other forms of payola, and when as a result you’re used to getting your way all the time in a state’s legislature or in front of its regulatory agencies (‘return on investment”), one word is particularly hard to swallow.


That’s what the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) told First Wind last month, re-affirming the decision by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to reject First Wind’s industrial wind factory proposed for Bowers Mountain. But First Wind isn’t about to take that sitting down. Last week they announced they are appealing to the state’s Supreme Judicial Court.

Despite First Wind’s political “investments,” Maine people are catching on to an oh-so-obvious reality: land-based wind turbines don’t make sense in this state, and Maine people paying higher electricity rates so that people living in Massachusetts and Connecticut can say their power is “renewable” is a losing proposition. That’s why opposition continues to grow.

The Bowers decisions by Maine’s regulatory agencies were sound, and we trust that the state’s supreme court will uphold them. Last, congratulations to MPBN and the MaineToday newspapers for reporting this development. Last month they didn’t bother to report First Wind’s defeat in front of the BEP. Media reports: