Read into it what you will

Put your money down, expect something concrete in return. Human nature.

On July 1 last year, Al Diamon wrote in The Bollard, “As MPBN’s annual report for last year shows, First Wind is one of the network’s largest underwriters, having contributed over $25,000.”

Recently Friends of Maine’s Mountains distributed a press release about a poll that demonstrated the more folks know about industrial wind, the less inclined they are to support it. (See “Maine poll exposes softness in wind energy support.”) MPBN did not report the news, even though they routinely report on other political polls conducted by the same company.

Last month, when the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) voted overwhelmingly to uphold the denial of a First Wind project by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Friends of Maine’s Mountains issued a press release commenting on First Wind’s stinging defeat. Not only did MPBN not air our point of view, it didn’t even report the news --- at all.

Last week, when First Wind issued a press release announcing it would appeal the BEP’s decision, MPBN mysteriously decided that all of a sudden the Bowers Mountain project was in fact news.

Blowing up Maine’s mountain tops to erect industrial wind turbines will raise Maine’s electricity rates while simultaneously DOING NOTHING to reduce Maine’s consumption of fossil fuels. Most people are unaware of this puzzler. But don’t hold your breath waiting for an in-depth examination of this by most of Maine’s media. First Wind’s not throwing all that money around for nothing, after all. (Two clear exceptions: kudos to Bangor Daily News and the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting for their consistently fair and thorough reporting.)

Click the following link to read Al Diamon’s insightful story, “Being Aboveboard About Underwriters --- Maine Public Broadcasting Network’s policies on disclosure generate criticism.” And read into it what you will.