Don't let them sell Maine a bill of goods

If you watch TV, it is possible that you will see ads by Siemens sometime soon, praising industrial wind turbines. Why do you think they might be doing this? We thank MasterResource, an online “free-market energy blog,” for the explanation.

Since Siemens’ tax-sheltering market is drying up in Europe, their marketing efforts in the U.S. are clearly geared towards increasing income for its investors via wind’s tax sheltering schemes here. Taxpayers, ratepayers beware!

The reason Friends of Maine’s Mountains exists is to provide information to “regular folks” who don’t have the time to spend hours in research. The more people we reach, the more balance we bring to the debate about industrial wind factories on the tops of scenic mountains here in Maine.

The wind lobbyists who want to pocket our tax money and to increase our electric rates spend millions on advertising. That’s because they are trying to sell you. Whenever we can, FMM presents information that helps you evaluate the slick sales pitch. CLICK HERE for the full article on the Siemens ad campaign.