U.S. explains how to protect eagles by killing them

You’re an ordinary American citizen. Kill an eagle, go to jail.

But if you contribute millions to politicians, pocket steep taxpayer subsidies, and raise electricity rates by building industrial wind factories, you don’t “kill” eagles, you “take” them, without penalty. Hard to believe? Check out the governmental double-speak in this 2014 press release from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. According to the service, “‘Take’ means to pursue, shoot, poison, wound, kill, capture, trap, collect, destroy, molest or disturb eagles, their nests or their eggs.”

Wind developers, get in line for your permits!

As we wrote in yesterday’s blog post, the Service wants to increase the length of eagle kill permits to 30 years, from the current five years. (SEPTEMBER 22 is the LAST DAY TO OBJECT ONLINE TO THIS IDIOTIC PROPOSAL.) In its own press release, one of the biggest cheerleaders for higher electric rates and steep government subsidies, North American Windpower, could hardly contain its glee at the prospect of impending eagle slaughters.

Based on the agency’s press release and the fact that the first eagle take permit has been issued, it appears likely that the FWS may more frequently recommend that developers apply for eagle take permits for projects with the potential to disturb eagles or result in eagle fatalities.”

As an American citizen, aren’t you proud of the fine work the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is doing to “administer” the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act?

DIRECT LINK, Associated Press special report: "Wind farms get pass on eagle deaths"

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