Wind fad step closer to scrap heap

A few months ago, Friends of Maine’s Mountains traveled to Beacon Hill in Boston to testify on proposed legislation. We adamantly delivered Maine's message: "Mainers like your sports teams, museums, colleges, etc. But we split from Massachusetts in 1820, and we will not now serve as your wind power plantation."

We’re happy to observe that the legislation is dead for now, as reported yesterday by the Boston Globe.

We told Massachusetts lawmakers that they would be wise to remove barriers to Canadian hydropower, because it is a necessary and beneficial generation source. With the New England grid retiring some base load and peak load plants, big hydro would be a perfect fit; competitive, clean, versatile.

On the drawing board there are no fewer than five major transmission projects between Canada and New England, so it will happen, folks --- and that will render Maine wind generation irrelevant. There were other provisions in the legislation that would have essentially mandated huge amounts of new wind power in Northern New England. FMM helped Maine dodge this bullet. and the wind fad is a step closer to being history. We thank our Massachusetts friends for listening.