We Need You In The Game


FMM got many pats on the back recently when we salvaged quite a bit out of a lost cause, winning significant concessions from Maine's largest wind developer.  (In case you missed that, CLICK HERE.)  As usual there are armchair quarterbacks, and the news didn't please everyone.  

But that battle is over and FMM carries on in earnest.  With at least three new wind projects to oppose, and with so much public educating to do...

…we don't need armchair quarterbacks -- we need you!

A Maine Sunday Telegram article this week quoted someone who claimed to be "sold out" by FMM's action. A reader of that article might be led to wonder if the wind resistance forces in Maine have been weakened.  

No way.  That person who felt disappointed was unfamiliar with the case, and expressed understandable frustration that another Maine wind project had survived the opposition.   

We were disappointed too.  Which is why FMM held out for so much from the wind developer:

  •  $2.5 million in grants to some of the most urgent and worthy Maine conservation projects
  •  A quarter million dollars for wind turbine bat mortality research
  •  A 50% increase in decommissioning funds for the project, plus regular guaranteed increases
  •  A contractual "Wind Exclusion Zone" covering some of the state's finest natural resources
  •  A 300 X 30 mile "No Wind Zone" that more than doubles Appalachian Trail scenic setbacks
  •  A much broader audience of Mainers who are now looking at wind more skeptically 

Would FMM rather that we could stop the project?  Of course.  But reckless spending of your precious dollars is irresponsible non-profit stewardship. Having opposed that wind project vigorously for two years, both before and after the permits were granted, having seen our appeal go up in smoke when all seven of our objections were refuted, and preparing to spend another $50,000 or more to litigate further, FMM's Board made a responsible business decision: It agreed to cease a hopeless law suit in exchange for a lot of value to Maine.

So FMM perseveres.  But with all the value that FMM won for Maine, it all went to the public good, and to other fine conservation organizations.  FMM still needs your financial support!  You can rest assured that every penny of your FMM donation is dedicated to the mission.

Looking forward, the public and policymakers need to be educated about the high impacts and low benefit from wind energy. The state's rubber stamp permitting process needs to be strengthened. Municipalities and opposition groups need our assistance protecting their communities and homes. FMM continues to watch important cases before Public Utilities Commissions in Maine and New England.  Both Maine's environment and economy are in peril because of wind energy development, and FMM is out there on the field every day, in the game, working on this mission, preventing that peril.

FMM can't win the game if you're on the sideline.  Please click the donate button on this page and make your contribution now. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Rand Stowell

Founder & Chairman