You Can Opt-Out of the Expedited Wind Area

One shot.  That's all we have.  

To get your petition: CLICK HERE

FMM sending a flyer to all 6000 voters in the UT.  Watch for it.  Two clicks here for the front and back of the flyer

In 2015 the Legislature created an easy way for residents in the Unorganized Territory (UT) to remove themselves from the so-called "Expedited Area" where wind development is essentially a rubber stamp transaction. If you live in the UT, you only have six months to sign up for this chance to protect your property. After June of 2016, you will lose the opportunity. 

Removing your township or plantation is not guaranteed to kill every wind project that developers want to build, but it raises the bar a lot.  If wind developers come seeking to industrialize your newly Unexpedited Area, they will have to go through a more difficult permitting process where they are less likely to get a permit. 

If you live in the the majority of Maine's land mass that we call the UT you are only 1% of Maine's population.  And your rights got trampled when the EA was (link) arbitrarily created behind closed doors. Since then you've watched the dozens of cities and towns in Maine write wind ordinances to protect themselves, while you've also watched helplessly as the UT gets overrun by massive industrial wind complexes that don't belong in the quiet woods, or on scenic mountains.

If you want to make this change in your township or plantation, there's now a simple way to sign up and it doesn't cost money. In some places it will require only two signatures!  But you should do it right away.  FMM can help you with this very easy opt-out, but you have to act now because on July 1st you'll lose your shot.

To get your petition: CLICK HERE  

When you decide to opt out-of the Expedited Area, please let us know: