2 Things You Can Do to Stop the Wind Welfare

2 Things You Can Do to Stop the Wind Welfare

(Which could also stop the senseless assault on Maine’s environment & economy.)

It’ll take you five minutes!  Here’s what to do: 

1.  Cut and paste the below narrative, and send it to Maine’s four elected officials in Washington (their contact info is here).

2.  Then call each one and ask if they know that Maine’s leading wind developer is on record as saying “We don’t need the dough, but it’s so nice of you to throw it at us every year!”


Congress will soon be voting on the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC).  This subsidy has died many times since it was enacted in 1992 to spur a new industry. Now that the industry is mature, it is time to stop the PTC. 
We don’t need the money, but as long as you’re spending it, we’re taking it!
Maine’s dominant wind developer is on record as saying that the PTC is pennies from heaven: 
Maine’s wind energy buildup in the last decade has been mostly by one developer:  First Wind (now SunEdison).  In 2012 First Wind CEO Paul Gaynor discussed the PTC in a Recharge News article:
First Wind Chief Executive Says Life Without PTC is Possible
"I know the industry has needed it. I think the question for all of us is, ‘Do we need it any more or forever?’ I believe the answer is no."
Just a few weeks ago, SunEdison (now in financial difficulty) CEO Ahmad Chatila discussed the PTC in an October 2015 Bloomberg article:
US Tax Breaks That Clean Power Doesn’t Seem to Mind Losing
“If the PTC expires we will be fine, we can get by.” 

Isn't it time that CONGRESS stop funding the PTC?