WABI: environmental damage by wind industrialists

Don't be surprised by this TV news report by WABI-TV in Bangor, in which residents of these small Maine towns express their indignation that an out-of-state wind mogul is damaging their lives and not affording them simple respect.

Then, below, click on the gallery and take a look at these stunning photographs taken in Vermont by Roger Irwin and Steve Wright. SHOCKING. They illustrate very plainly what it really requires to erect an industrial complex of giant wind turbines on the top of any mountain. In Vermont and in our state, it requires the destruction of scenic mountains, FOREVER.

Maine’s economy depends on the tourism dollar. Hikers, skier, campers, hunters and leaf-peepers are tourists who value Maine's natural resources very highly.

But unknown to most Mainers, as industrialists are destroying the state's most precious natural resources, turbine electricity generated on Maine mountains is going out of state to Massachusetts and Connecticut. In Maine, turbines do nothing to get us off oil, because our electricity already comes from overwhelmingly clean sources. And imagine the damage that clearing forest land for transmission lines, which will cost Maine people billions, will inflict on taxpayers and ratepayers here. Just so our neighbors to the south can sanctimoniously claim they're using "clean" energy.

Should you be alarmed? Yes. Many thanks to Peak Keepers of Vermont’s Mountains for publishing their fine online brochure, and for bringing this grave threat to our attention. CLICK on gallery below.