Wind peddlers will never catch us off guard

Watch this video if you’d like a brief summary of the likely goings-on in Augusta during the upcoming legislative session.

What all opponents of industrial wind turbines in Maine wilderness areas come to realize is that idealism is not a very practical tool in this fight. Outrage and indignation about "what’s right” don't really matter --- which is hard to accept. In fact, one of the first lessons we all learn is that if we’re not careful and we don’t pay attention, wind developers have no hesitation at all about using very sneaky maneuvers. The only way for us to counter is to be in Augusta to watch them like a hawk. (NEED AN EXAMPLE of how sneaky the wind industry is? Read this REVEALING INVESTIGATIVE REPORT.)

We all have to be vigilant and share information. Count on FMM to always be investigating what’s going on in the hallways and hearing rooms at the Statehouse, at the regulatory agencies, and in the courts. And of course, we’re always happy to know what YOU are hearing out in the field. If you ever want to pass along information, please feel free to reach us at