Maine citizens are irritating wind speculators

WCSH-TV in Portland and WLBZ-TV in Bangor, sister stations that have the largest media audience in Maine, aired a story a few days ago about petitions that have been submitted to the state’s Land Use Planning Commission by the Moosehead Region Futures Committee. Long story short, the petitions are a critical step in restoring land use rights and protections that were stripped from a tiny percentage of Maine people when Governor John Baldacci signed the Wind Energy Act into law in 2008.

Jeremy Paine, the ever-present lobbyist who is paid by the wind industry to ladle out PR mumbo jumbo, was not happy, characterizing those who signed the petitions as “people who are trying to drive off investment.”

That is EXACTLY what we are trying to do, and we hope it works. Because “investment” that depends so heavily on taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies, that produces no real benefits to the people of Maine, that threatens the state’s economy --- is investment that SHOULD be driven off, with a vengeance.

We are particularly pleased by this telling story excerpt on the TV stations’ web sites: “Opponents to the petition, including the Maine Renewable Energy Association, a non-profit trade association supporting renewable energy, says it’s merely a stall tactic that will create uncertainty and drive away developers.”

Clearly, wind opponents are making an impact, and getting under the industry's skin. This petition process might be one of the most effective tactics to date in the long fight to keep giant wind turbines from ruining Maine’s most pristine mountains and wild areas.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to the Moosehead Region Futures Committee, as well as dozens of other individuals all over rural Maine for their hard work gathering signatures.  Of course it would be remiss not to thank the hundreds of citizens who convinced the Maine Legislature to make the petition process possible.

If you’d like to learn more about the petition process and get personally involved, a good place to start is “Wind energy to suffer another blow in Maine,” a blog post Friends of Maine’s Mountains published in late December. Let’s keep the pressure on!