Emergency facing Maine’s energy ratepayers!

Legislators told to “trust” giant overseas corporations

Tomorrow, March 3, 2016, the Legislature’s Committee on Energy & Utilities could be asked to vote for a disaster.  

LD 1513 seeks to undo a very wise Maine law that prohibits cozy business dealings between utilities (like CMP and Emera Maine) and generation companies (like SunEdison and Iberdrola Renewablles). The purpose of the existing law is to prevent generation and distribution companies from conspiring to financially exploit consumers like you.

Do you trust big corporationS to use the honor system?

Do you trust big corporationS to use the honor system?

What does LD 1513 have to do with this? CMP and Iberdrola Renewables are owned by the same parent company. And they are in Augusta right now, telling legislators to trust them: “We won’t even talk about these mutual projects with our colleagues, honest! Oh, and did we mention it’s about jobs?”

If this bill passes, it could result in another Big Wind blitz on rural Maine. Utilities like CMP will be happy to spend billions on unnecessary new transmission lines to accommodate the useless wind projects.  And we'll pick up the tab. CMP says LD 1513 is just meant to clarify the law.  Friends of Maine’s Mountains was recently a party to a lawsuit in which the existing and very necessary legal restraint played a crucial role, and the truth is, the law is very clear: they can’t do it. And for good reasons. 

Let’s STOP this sneaky attempt to skirt a good law protecting Maine citizens. For an in-depth article about how deeply corrupt Maine wind companies are, click here. Then please contact the Legislative Committee HERE and tell them to protect Maine’s electricity ratepayers, and stop destroying Maine’s environment and economy: LEAVE THE LAW IN PLACE!