2 Crucial Public Comment Opportunities

Deadlines Coming Fast

DEP Rulemaking on Wind Energy

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is asking for preliminary comments on a draft Wind Rule that would improve standards for visual impact, decommissioning, and more. Your comments on this draft can help the DEP Staff write a solid Rule.  Deadline Monday, August 8 at 5:00 PM.

In the wake of the SunEdison bankruptcy, earlier this year FMM urged the DEP to provide assurances that the public will be protected if a wind developer fails to meet its obligations. We are pleased with the DEP's reaction, and we urge YOU to take advantage of this important opportunity.  Note:  this is a draft Rule. DEP will take your comments under advisement as they prepare the eventual Rule language.  

To read the draft Rule and to submit your comment, CLICK HERE

To Read the comments that FMM has submitted, CLICK HERE 


LUPC Hearing on Milton Opt-Out

For the first six months of this year, we invested lots of time and resources helping Mainers take advantage of the opportunity to opt-out of the Expedited Wind Area.  Dedicated volunteers in almost 50 Maine communities submitted Opt-Out petitions to the Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC).  

Two of those petitions are being challenged by wind interests, and your support will help.

Milton Township is up first, and the public hearing will be Wednesday in Bethel. A wind developer wants Milton to remain Expedited and the residents want out. LUPC will decide.  Public comment will be accepted at the hearing in two sessions (afternoon & evening). Written comment may be submitted until August 22.

The proceeding boils down to the Commission answering two questions:  

1. Does Milton's removal from the Expedited Area have an unreasonable adverse effect on Maine's ability to achieve its "goals" for installed wind capacity?

2. Is the removal consistent with the principles and goals of LUPC's Comprehensive Land Use Plan?

The obvious and correct answers are NO and YES.  Naturally the Wind Lobby is arguing YES and NO.  

So please submit your comment now.  

The background info is HERE at the LUPC web site.

The public hearing particulars and commenting instructions are HERE