Maine's Wind Energy Zone Has Shrunk

Congratulations Maine!  

Two years ago there were 3.4 million acres of Unorganized Territory (UT) in the Expedited Wind Development Area (EA).  Thanks to grass roots citizen action, a law was passed and a process was established allowing people in the UT one chance to "opt out" of the EA. 

Now, assuming that one last appeal (Milton Township) goes our way,  there are only 2.6 million acres in the EA.  

Yes, approximately three quarters of a million acres were removed from the EA, enhancing our efforts to protect Maine's most beautiful places from Big Wind's high negative impacts / low positive benefits.

Wind developers might still want to build there, but now opponents stand a fighting chance.  

Milton Township successfully opted out, but a Pennsylvania wind developer challenged the petition. The wind developer has publicly stated that his company will abandon its plans for a wind project if Milton succeeds at opting out! 

If you can help these last petitioners with legal costs in their their Supreme Court appeal, we can make it a complete sweep: zero opt out reversals by Big Wind.    

Donate now to help pay the Milton legal fees:    


....and specify "Milton Fund"

See the new map below, and click HERE for a summary.