Get silent treatment, turn up volume

Kudos to WCSH/WLBZ and to the Bangor Daily News. They are the only Maine media to report on First Wind’s stinging 4-1 defeat last week in front of the Board of Environmental Protection.

No other media in the state thought it was important to tell Maine people that the Bowers Wind project is dead. Among THE SILENT were the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Sunday Telegram, the Kennebec Journal, the Coastal Journal, the Central Maine Morning Sentinel, WMTW, the Associated Press, Maine Public Radio, the Lewiston Sun Journal, the Times-Record, the Journal Tribune, WMTW, WGME, WABI, WVII and WAGM.

So here’s what we’re doing. We’re taking the news to every state in the nation in which First Wind does business. From Maine to Hawaii, yessiree. Click on the image below to see the press release we just sent out to reporters and editors in Massachusetts. If the Maine media won’t get news of First Wind’s troubles to those who would be interested, we will.

ATTENTION, FIRST WIND: People around the country are starting to compare notes. The free ride's over.

“Largest media company” omits reporting news to Maine

You would think state regulators killing First Wind’s proposed industrial wind factory on Bowers Mountain would be news to Maine people. Not in the opinion of the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Sunday Telegram, the Kennebec Journal, The Coastal Journal or the Central Maine Morning Sentinel, all owned by MaineToday Media.

None of the papers have reported the news from Thursday’s BEP meeting. MaineToday Media calls itself the largest media company in Maine, and that “with the largest audience in Maine, the combined reach of our print and online products influence over 1000,000 households and over 1.2 million unique visitors every month.”

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      First Wind’s latest big defeat was not widely reported in Maine, for reasons unknown

First Wind’s latest big defeat was not widely reported in Maine, for reasons unknown

Opposition to industrial wind factories is growing very fast here in Maine, because they don’t reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and they INCREASE our electricity rates. But at least for now, most of Maine won’t understand that opposition, because only WCSH, WLBZ and the Bangor Daily News thought the state might be curious about a major defeat for First Wind. Of course this defeat follows another recent and major defeat for First Wind, when Maine’s Supreme Court struck down the PUC’s approval of the company’s financing deal with Emera. (You would think First Wind’s losing streak would also be news.)

Rather than rely on the media, sometimes you have to educate yourself on topics like wind energy. And keep in mind that those inclined to be un-critical cheerleaders for this subsidy-chasing industry are likely to be getting their information from the media, whose reporting is often incomplete or non-existent. We’re not singling out MaineToday Media --- also not reporting on the most recent defeat for First Wind were the Associated Press, Maine Public Radio, the dailies Lewiston Sun Journal, Brunswick Times-Record and Journal Tribune, and TV stations WMTW, WGME, WABI, WVII and WAGM. But if any of those silent outlets are where you primarily get your news, then until you read this blog entry you were in the dark about the death of the Bowers Mountain wind project. And you had lots of company.

BREAKING NEWS: major setback to industrial wind project

(Augusta, Maine) The Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) held a meeting today in Augusta, Maine to review the denial First Wind's Bowers Wind Project by the Maine Department of Environmenal Protection (DEP). After a long day of testimony and deliberation, the BEP voted 4-1 to move closer to a "likely rejection" of the Bowers Wind Project. We are happy to report an excellent showing by our friends and allies. CLICK ON THE VIDEO for a quick pan, revealing a room JAMMED with industrial wind foes. Here's a good article by the BANGOR DAILY NEWS.