You say you love Maine’s mountains? Too bad.

Don’t expect them to be there for you for much longer. Because what’s happening in VT and NH (click on photo below for the gallery) is happening right here in Maine. And thanks to the wonderful photography of Roger Irwin and Steve Wright, you can see what it really requires to erect an industrial complex of giant wind turbines on the top of Maine's mountains. It requires the destruction of Maine’s mountains, FOREVER.

Visit Maine’s mountains very soon, folks, because before long you won’t have the chance --- we keep electing legislators who fast-track the corporate wind barons who are chasing subsidy dollars (see article here), and who gleefully obliterate our most scenic areas, for steep profit. Oh, before you enjoy the photographs, a few VERY uncomfortable facts:

  • Maine’s economy depends on the tourism dollar.
  • Hikers, skier, campers, hunters and leaf-peepers are tourists. Who like wilderness.
  • Turbine electricity generated here goes to Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • In Maine, turbines do nothing to get us off oil. Our electricity already comes from overwhelmingly clean sources.
  • You thought wind was going to REDUCE your energy bill? Oh dear. We’ll try to let you down gently. You know the transmission lines Maine lawmakers are requiring you to buy, so that Massachusetts and Connecticut can get their “clean” energy and feel good about themselves? Each time you elect these lawmakers, you’re begging them to raise your electric bill.

So Monday’s article in the Portland Press Herald, “Maine businesses can expect electricity shock this winter,” should come as no surprise at all. Neither should “Power bills to rise for CMP customers after decision in controversial rate case,” published on July 31 of this year. This is, after all, what we voted for. Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost, and it’s now quite clear that Augusta has once again gotten us into one fine mess. At our own request. We’d all better take action soon, before it’s too late.

Many thanks to Peak Keepers of Vermont’s Mountains for bringing their fine online brochure to our attention.